A millennial’s perceptions on the changing landscape of diabetics management

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March 4, 2024
A type 1 diabetic checking her blood glucose level using a continuous glucose monitor and her mobile phone.
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Stepping into my 30s with Type 1 diabetes has been a journey filled with twists, turns, and, surprisingly, positive changes. Reflecting on the evolution of diabetes management, it’s like seeing a gradual evolution from a bumpy ride to a smoother, easier path. It feels like someone rewrote the rules and offered me a guidebook for this next chapter of my life.

In the not-so-distant past, checking blood sugar levels was a grinding task. It involved clunky machines and feeling like a human pincushion from countless finger pricks – Every time, it was like trying to decipher a secret code.

But fast forward to the present, and the introduction of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been revolutionary. A small sensor attached to my skin has become my superhero, providing real-time updates on my blood sugar levels. It’s eliminated the stressful guesswork and empowered me to make informed decisions about my health, using clear, concise insights – No more deciphering, just a straightforward understanding of where I am in my diabetes journey.

And what about my daily dance with insulin, that crucial tool to manage diabetes? It used to be a rigid routine, accompanied by the constant fear of missing a dose or messing up my carefully crafted schedule. But the battle has evolved, and in comes the cavalry in the form of smart tools like insulin pumps and pens. It’s like having a flexible partner in crime. These tools have integrated seamlessly into the rhythm of my life, making the management of insulin a breeze. No more strict schedules, no more worries about forgetting or skipping a dose – These tools have become trusted allies, giving me a level of control I never dreamed possible.

And looking to the digital realm, my smartphone has now transcended its role as a mere gadget. Now, it’s a personal assistant helping me deal with my diabetes. Apps have become my go-to resource hub, sending me reminders, offering invaluable insights, and connecting me with a community that understands and genuinely relates to the challenges of living with diabetes. It’s like having a support group in my pocket, ready to share experiences, celebrate victories, and offer comfort on tough days. The digital world, far from being a distant and impersonal space, has become a point of connection, making my diabetes journey a little less lonely.

So, here I stand, not just confronting diabetes but embracing a new era of empowerment. The advancements in medicine and technology have reshaped the diabetes management landscape, and I find myself on ground that feels more solid, and more supportive. I feel confident, armed with tools that have seamlessly moved in to support my routine. These changes aren’t abstract concepts – They’re tangible shifts that have made the experience of living with diabetes more manageable and less daunting.

As I walk this easier path, optimism naturally takes root. The road may still have its bumps, but with ever-improving tools and knowledge I feel prepared for whatever twists and turns lie ahead. I can recognise the progress made, acknowledge the strides taken in diabetes management, and share the hope that comes with it. The journey continues, and I’m ready for the next chapter, armed with my experiences of the past as well as the promise of a more manageable future.

Profile photo of Hira Tayyab, a type 1 diabetic.
Hira Tayyab

Hira Tayyab is a millennial with type 1 diabetes. She’s seen both the pre and post technology era of diabetes management, readily accepts the new advancements and stays with the time.

Editor's note: The opinions and experiences reflected in stories from the diabetic community belong to the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of InDiabetes.

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