Diabetes-friendly Indian recipes

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Photo of moong dal cutlets.
Moong dal cutlets

Mixing lentils, spices and herbs, these moong dal cutlets are a savoury treat. High in protein and fibre, they’re a perfect meal or snack option for diabetics.

Photo of chicken and tofu kathi roll.
Chicken and tofu kathi roll

Served with spiced yoghurt, these chicken and tofu kathi rolls are a delicious fusion of flavours. Packed with protein and highly flavourful.

Photo of diabetes-friendly methi mathri (fenugreek crackers).
Diabetes-friendly methi mathri (fenugreek crackers)

Methi mathri is a savoury Indian snack made with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour, bursting with aromatic spices. This version includes added fibre.

Photo of refreshing cucumber and yoghurt salad.
Refreshing cucumber and yoghurt salad

Cucumber and yoghurt salad is a cool, refreshing side dish that’s great for summer meals or as a light snack. Tangy, health, delicious, and diabetes-friendly.

Photo of paneer bhurji (Indian scrambled cottage cheese).
Paneer bhurji (Indian scrambled cottage cheese)

Paneer bhurji is a popular Indian dish of scrambled paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked with herbs and spices. Healthy, delicious, quick and easy to prepare.

Photo of homemade sugar-free rasmalai.
Homemade sugar-free rasmalai

Rasmalai is a popular dessert of soft paneer balls soaked in flavoured milk. Using natural sweeteners this dish is sugar-free and still satisfies a sweet tooth.

Photo of diabetes-friendly butter chicken.
Diabetes-friendly butter chicken

Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish. Creamy and flavourful, this diabetes-friendly version uses low-fat yoghurt and coconut milk and is even more healthy.

Photo of lauki delight (bottle gourd delight).
Lauki delight (bottle gourd delight)

Lauki delight is a charming Indian dessert made from bottle gourd. With careful substitutions, you can enjoy this sweet treat without raising your sugar level.

Photo of masala prawns.
Masala prawns

This masala prawns dish is perfect for indulging in seafood without raising your sugar level. Full of aromatic spices and succulent prawns, but low in carbs.

Photo of ginger-lemon tea.
Ginger-lemon tea

Combining the tangy zest of lemon, warm spice of ginger and coolness of mint, this Indian ginger lemon tea is aromatic, delicious, and low sugar.

Photo of diabetes-friendly besan chilla (chickpea flour pancake).
Diabetes-friendly besan chilla (chickpea flour pancake)

Besan chilla (a.k.a. besan ka cheela) is a flavourful, diabetes-friendly Indian pancake made from besan (chickpea flour), onions, spices, and herbs.

Photo of singhare ka halwa (water chestnut halwa).
Singhare ka halwa (Water chestnut halwa)

This singhare ka halwa is made from dried water chestnut. Gluten free, it tastes great and is a diabetic-friendly option to replace traditional halwa.

Photo of chicken curry.
Chicken curry

A symphony of flavours, this chicken curry is a delicate blend of exotic spices. Low in carbs, it's perfect for diabetics and won't harm blood sugar control.

Photo of low-fat paneer kheer.
Low-fat paneer kheer

Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet craving, this low-fat paneer kheer with cardamom flavour is a great dessert for diabetics. And it's low in calories and carbs.

Photo of Indian fish curry.
Indian fish curry

This diabetes-friendly Indian fish curry combines tasty fish, fragrant spices and healthy herbs. Blending taste and wellness, it boosts health and happiness.

Photo of chicken and spinach patties.
Chicken and spinach patties

Nutritious and delicious, these chicken and spinach patties can be prepared in just 20 minutes! And better yet, they're also dairy-free and sugar-free.

Photo of gluten-free homemade bread.
Gluten-free homemade bread

High in fibre, this gluten-free bread is a healthier alternative for diabetes patients. It tastes great and can be served with any of your favourite spreads.

Artist's impression of green wave dosa.
Green wave dosa

A powerhouse of nutrients, this green dosa is low calorie and rich in omega-3, vitamin A and fibre, helping boost blood glucose control for diabetics.

Artist's impression of mango lassi ice cream.
Mango lassi ice cream

Bursting with the sweetness of ripe mangoes and the creaminess of yogurt, this mango lassi ice cream will satisfy cravings without spiking your blood sugar.

Artist's impression of spiced lemon salmon with minty quinoa salad.
Spiced lemon salmon with minty quinoa salad

This spiced lemon salmon and minty quinoa salad combines warm spices, tangy lemon and fresh mint. Rich in omega-3, it's tasty, healthy and refreshing.

Artist's impression of grilled tandoori chicken with cauliflower rice.
Grilled tandoori chicken with cauliflower rice

Enjoy rich flavours of India with a diabetes-friendly twist. Grilled tandoori chicken with cauliflower rice is a balanced meal that doesn't compromise on taste.

Artist's impression of cardamom-spiced almond custard tarts.
Cardamom-spiced almond custard tarts

Treat your taste buds while keeping your blood sugar in check with this diabetes-friendly Indian custard tart. It's wholesome, with a touch of Indian essence.

Artist's impression of an eggless cardamom almond cake
Eggless cardamom almond cake

Indulge in a diabetes-friendly cardamom almond cake. This moist and aromatic cake is perfect for satisfying sweet cravings while keeping blood sugar in check.

Photo of idli with sambar and green and red chutney.
Idli with sambar and green and red chutney

Idli with sambar and green and red chutney is a traditional South Indian breakfast. This diabetes-friendly option starts the day without raising blood sugar.

Photo of vegetable masala oats khichdi.
Vegetable masala oats khichdi

Made with rolled oats, moong dal and a variety of vibrant veggies, vegetable masala oats khichdi is a delicious diabetes-friendly alternative.

Photo of bhindi masala (okra curry).
Bhindi masala (Okra curry)

Searching for some comfort food? Bhindi masala is a vegetarian Indian delicacy made with okra, tomatoes and onions that pairs beautifully with hot rotis.

Photo of palak paneer.
Palak paneer

A traditional Indian dish with a low glycemic index, palak paneer is a great choice for people with diabetes and a perfect dinner option.

Artist's impression of a baked tandoori salmon with cucumber raita on the side.
Baked tandoori salmon with cucumber raita

This succulent tandoori-spiced salmon with cucumber raita boasts classic Indian flavours. And as well as balancing flavours, it's rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Artist's impression of a bowl of cauliflower rice pulao, with mixed vegetables.
Cauliflower rice pulao with mixed vegetables

A guilt-free yet delicious meal option, this aromatic cauliflower rice has the essence of traditional pulao while embracing a low-carb twist.

Artist's impression of a fenugreek and moong dal salad, with citrus dressing.
Fenugreek and moong dal salad with citrus dressing

This salad is invigorating, fresh and wholesome. Combining nutrient-packed fenugreek, protein-rich moong dal and a zesty citrus dressing it's a flavour delight.

Photo of a bowl of mashed avocado mixed with hard boiled egg and yoghurt.
Delicious avocado egg salad

If you like a creamy texture and delicious taste, this avocado egg salad will be your favourite dish. It's rich in vitamins and minerals, and satisfies hunger.

Artist's impression of a roasted bell pepper, stuffed with quinoa and lentil.
Quinoa and lentil stuffed bell peppers

With a delightful blend of protein-rich quinoa, wholesome lentils and aromatic Indian spices, this meal is vibrant, satisfying, and full of flavour.

Artist's impression of a spicy chickpea and spinach stew.
Spiced chickpea and spinach stew

If you're looking for a diabetes-friendly comfort food, try this heartwarming stew. It's brimming with tender chickpeas, nutrient-rich spinach and spices.

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