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Your easy guide to all things diabetes.

Your easy guide to all things diabetes.

Diabetes informational articles

A type 2 diabetic donating blood.
Can diabetics donate blood?

Controlling your diabetes and keen to donate blood, but wondering can diabetics donate blood? Learn everything you need to know about diabetic blood donation.

A type 1 diabetic enjoying her travels on a bushwalk in Australia, wearing a continuous glucose monitor.
Diabetes and travel – 17 top tips to travel safe and stress-free

Keen to travel as a diabetic? It’s possible to effectively manage both diabetes and travel. These tips can help keep you stress-free and in control.

A doctor checking a diabetic patient's medical data through their personal health record app.
The importance of a personal health record app in diabetes management

Want to know if a personal health record app could help your diabetes management? Jigar, a HealthTech app developer, gives a comprehensive overview.

Diabetes-friendly recipes

Artist's impression of green wave dosa.
Green wave dosa

A powerhouse of nutrients, this green dosa is low calorie and rich in omega-3, vitamin A and fibre, helping boost blood glucose control for diabetics.

Photo of singhare ka halwa (water chestnut halwa).
Singhare ka halwa (Water chestnut halwa)

This singhare ka halwa is made from dried water chestnut. Gluten free, it tastes great and is a diabetic-friendly option to replace traditional halwa.

Photo of gluten-free homemade bread.
Gluten-free homemade bread

High in fibre, this gluten-free bread is a healthier alternative for diabetes patients. It tastes great and can be served with any of your favourite spreads.

Stories from the diabetes community

A young Indian diabetic hugging her friend.
Diabetes and friendships – How I learnt to rebalance them
May 27, 2024

Bhakti struggled to balance her friendships and her diabetes. But by opening up to her friends about her health problems, their friendship became stronger than ever.

A man in a park, mourning the loss of his diabetic friend.
Losing my diabetic friend to negligence
May 13, 2024

Anand was diagnosed with maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY), but didn’t look after himself. Warning: This story doesn’t have a positive outcome.

A confident type 1 diabetic Indian woman, who has decided not to bear children.
Interview with Simantika – A type 1 diabetic who does not want to bear children
April 29, 2024

Simantika is a type 1 diabetic who's decided not to bear children because of her disease. She shares the thoughts and feelings that went into that decision.

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