How my father lives a healthy life with diabetes

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September 19, 2022
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My father was diagnosed with diabetes when he was in his early 50s. At first, he was very discouraged and thought his life was in trouble. But with help from our loved ones and friends, he started to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Now, at 65, my father is living a healthy life! He controls his diabetes through diet, exercise, and medication. He is an inspiration to me, and I am so proud of him for making such positive changes in his life.

Anyone can live a healthy life with diabetes, no matter their age. Here are some tips that worked well for my dad and helped him manage his diabetes:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Check your blood sugar levels daily
  • Meditate
  • Exercise daily
  • Stay positive
  • Be patient

Eat healthy foods

As a diabetic the food you eat significantly impacts your blood sugar levels. My dad makes sure to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. He also limits his intake of sugary foods and drinks.

Eating healthy foods helps keep my dad’s blood sugar levels in check and also makes him feel good! Not only does he have more energy, but he also doesn't have to worry about spikes or dips in his blood sugar levels. If you’re managing diabetes, make sure you’re eating healthy foods too!

Check your blood sugar levels daily

Checking your blood sugar levels is essential to see how different foods affect your body. My dad monitors his blood sugar levels a few times a day and keeps track of his readings in a log. Doing this has helped him understand how his body reacts to certain foods and activities.

By monitoring your blood sugar levels, you can make smart decisions on how to change your diet and lifestyle. For example, if you notice your blood sugar spikes after eating sugary foods you may decide to limit how much of those foods you eat. Or exercise more to compensate for them.

Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly can also help you identify serious issues earlier. For example, a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels could be a sign of a complication of your diabetes or another medical condition. To stay healthy it is crucial to check your blood sugar levels.


My dad decided to try meditation and see if it would help improve his health. He started at just 10 minutes a day and slowly increased the length of his practice over time. After a few months, he noticed a significant improvement in his blood sugar levels. After observing my dad’s improvement, his physician was amazed.

Through meditation my dad found it easier to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. If you're struggling to control your diabetes, I recommend meditation. It helped my dad, and I'm sure it would also help you.

Exercise daily

Exercise is excellent for improving health and lowering blood sugar levels. For a diabetic like my dad, it’s particularly important because exercise helps improve your body’s insulin sensitivity.

My dad makes sure to get plenty of exercise and goes for a walk every day. He also started doing strength-training exercises, which have helped as well. By exercising daily, my dad has been able to lower his blood sugar levels and stay healthy.

Stay positive

Diabetes can be a complex condition to live with, but staying positive is essential. When my dad was diagnosed with diabetes, it was a difficult time for our family. We didn't know much about the disease and were terrified.

But my dad decided to stay positive and fight it. He made some lifestyle changes and started taking medication. And his health started to improve. Today, my dad is doing great and is living proof that a positive attitude can make a huge difference. I am proud of him, and know he has inspired others facing the same challenge.

Be patient

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes years ago, and has made many changes to his lifestyle since then. He eats healthy food, exercises daily, meditates, and keeps a positive outlook. As a result, his health has improved a lot.

But making these changes was not always easy for him. Sometimes he felt like he wasn’t seeing any results and had to remind himself to be patient. He knew it would take time to see the benefits of changing his lifestyle, and the key was to stick with it.

Trusting the process is essential, and my dad is an excellent example of how making lifestyle changes can improve your health in the long run.

I hope these tips are helpful for you or someone you know who is living with diabetes. Remember, if my dad can do it, anyone can!

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