Singhare ka halwa (Water chestnut halwa)

Photo of singhare ka halwa (water chestnut halwa).
Photo credit - Tamanna Rumee

This special singhare ka halwa is made from dried water chestnut, and is a great diabetic-friendly option to replace traditional halwa. It's gluten free and tastes delicious, though isn't low calorie so if you're watching your weight make sure to limit how much you eat.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Serves: 1


  • Milk, (200 ml)
  • Water chestnut (singhare) flour, (30g)
  • Ghee, 1 tsp
  • Cardamom powder, (10g)
  • Stevia or sucralose, 5 tablets (adjust to taste)
  • Raisins, a small handful (optional)
  • Chopped almonds, a small handful (optional)


  1. Add ghee to a non-stick pan and heat on a low flame. Add water chestnut flour and roast until it’s light brown. Put aside to cool.
  2. Add milk to the mixture and stir well.
  3. Return the pan to a low-medium heat and stir constantly for 3 minutes, or till it forms the consistency of halwa (it should stick together and come away from the sides of the pan).
  4. Add cardamom powder and stevia or sucralose tablets, and raisins and almonds if you like, then remove from the heat.
  5. Pour the mixture on a flat plate and spread it evenly.
  6. Once the mixture has cooled, cut and refrigerate
  7. Serve cool.

Nutritional information

Per serving:

Calories - 290kcal

Fat - 13.9g

Carbs - 21.2g

Proteins - 10.4g

Calcium - 257mg

Profile photo of nutritionist Geeta Shenoy, contributor of the diabetes-friendly singhare ka halwa recipe.
Geeta Shenoy

Geeta Shenoy has a rich and varied background in nutrition, with over 33 years' experience. She's the director and founder of 'Nutrition & Wellness Clinic' in Chembur, Mumbai, which she's operated since 2012. Geeta's integrative private practice offers clients both dietary advance and scientific nutrition recommendations.

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