How to manage diabetes and hypertension at 60

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December 11, 2023
A smiling, older type 2 diabetic woman looking at the viewer.
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My name is Haseen. I’m 60 years old and live with my husband.

For the last 5 years, I’ve had high blood pressure problems. And 5 months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Now, I’m trying to manage my blood pressure and blood glucose level with the help of my doctor and the support of my family. I’m changing my lifestyle, diet and medications and getting emotional support from my family.

My diabetes diagnosis

During a regular checkup, my doctor noticed I had elevated levels of sugar in my blood. Further tests confirmed I was diabetic.

As I was already managing hypertension, this additional diagnosis shocked me and I was disheartened – I already had one condition, and now I was diagnosed with another?

Thankfully, my family came together to support me and gave me the courage to face and manage this new disease.

My doctor advised me to check my blood sugar regularly and keep a record, so I purchased a glucose meter and (with the help of my son) started a daily log of my sugar values.

Changing my diet

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I ate whatever I wanted. After my diagnosis, my doctor advised me to visit a dietitian.

I booked a session with a dietitian, and she made me a chart of recommended foods. She also educated me about what foods could raise my blood sugar level. She told me how crucial it was to keep an eye on my food type because otherwise my blood glucose level would increase and this could lead to complications.

I took her advice to heart and followed it diligently.

Since then, I’ve been avoiding refined grains and cold drinks, eating chapatti made of multigrain atta, and reducing the amount of sweetened fruits I eat (such as guava, apple and apricot).

Getting exercise

Exercise has also played an important role in my hypertension and diabetes management – My doctor encouraged me to exercise regularly, as it would improve my health.

I’m now doing 30-minute walks twice a day with my husband, and I’ve found it really useful in controlling my blood pressure and sugar level. I’m also enjoying this time in the open air.

Taking regular medication and monitoring my health

As well as adjusting my diet and exercise, I’m also taking medication for both hypertension and diabetes.

I make sure to take each medication at the prescribed time and have regular checkups with my doctors to track my progress.

These appointments have helped me assess my health, adjust my treatment plan, and address any concerns that have come along the way.

Receiving emotional support

Throughout the whole time, my family has remained my strength. They’ve stood by my side and helped me manage my disease. Their encouragement has raised my spirit. Together, we’ve faced the hurdles that have come our way.

And with their help, at the age of 60, I’m successfully managing both diabetes and hypertension – I’ve also made positive changes to my health, adopting a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking my medication on time.

Looking ahead, I’m determined to keep a positive mindset and continue to make healthy lifestyle choices. I’ve concluded that age isn’t a barrier to living a happy and healthy life. And with the unconditional support of my doctor, dietitian and family, I know I’m surrounded by love on this journey.

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Haseen is a 60-year-old homemaker. She’s 4’5 and lives together with her husband, sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

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